land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Back after a trip down South

Back 'home' again after a whirlwind trip back to Tasy. My head is still spinning from it, but it was incredible to get a good dose of Tasy magic to keep our spirits high. Thanks so much to everyone who helped, housed and supported us in order to enable Al's book to be launched amongst the beautiful community that it deserved. What would we do without you all......
I know you don't need more rat stories, but think of it as therapy for me.....I arrived back home to some barely alive seedlings, which I carried out of the bath tub reverently. Outside, I turned on the hose to give it a soak, the water burst up in every direction, the rats had eaten the hose! Throwing it aside, I nudged the watering can, it still had water in it judging from the weight. I heaved it up and poured it onto the seedlings. Big chunks of hair fell from the top as a horrible thick brown liquid squeezed from the end nozzle. I dropped it and ran, but as the smell was enough to make my head spin.  I knew I had to deal with it. Tipping it out behind the back fence, it gave a whole new meaning to liquid fertilizer. 1, 2, 3 then on a lot of nudging, 4 rats fell out, in various stages of decomposition. My stomach is pretty strong, (except in pregnancy!) but I was bent over head in the bushes 3 times after that. Alright, that is it I promise, no more rat stories. They are on their way out now anyway, they have virtually gone from properties to the South, and are finished at Bedourie (our closest town.) Our turn must be next.... The air is smoky here from massive bushfires to the North (might need Mat to build us a bunker...), the animal numbers are dropping a bit as the heat increases. It is still beautiful though, and I am looking forward to seeing a bit more red soil.

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  1. Urgh!.... Karen, that is really disgusting! It must have been bad if you needed to have three spews in the bushes.