land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Apple and blackberry electric shock pie

I took off with my 4 year old to collect some sun kissed blackberries to make blackberry pie. Life was good as we diligently picked berries and pricked ourselves. We were just topping up the last of our buckets on this quiet country road, when a couple of Telstra technicians turned up and parked next to us. They got out with all their gear, saying a friendly G'day back to my son. They paid no mind to us leaning over the bushes right next to them, trying desperately to get the best of the fruit. They pulled open a metal post that was perched on the grass, exposing the disarray of cables inside. One of the young fellas leapt back with a cry, he'd been electrocuted. We looked around in dismay. He seemed to shake it off though, much to our bemusement and they very quickly packed up and left again. The blackberries mixed with some apples straight off the tree, with home made buckwheat pastry made for a yummy pie though, and I reckon we had a much better day than him!

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