land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

a gentle breeze

Out to the East is a spectacular apricot pink thunder cloud, stretching across the gibber plain and glowing in the last of the suns rays. Above me as I swing gently in the hammock is a big bright white moon, instantly silhouetting two ducks flying by. As I crane my neck behind me, past the vivid red flame tree bursting with flower, the orange orb of a sun has its last glance at the desert as it slips behind the horizon. It's a moment in life that I was discussing with a beautiful friend just the other day. Amidst the fire, carnage, heat and outrageous hours we have all been working out here, comes a moment in life, so special that you wouldn't give it up for the world. Just like parenthood. Despite the mountain of dishes, the awaiting schoolwork, the endless chases after a toddler, there comes just one moment of "we built a flying plane submarine that is going to a magic land where we are going to science the snakes". That is enough to remind me that despite all the crap that makes me cry, I wouldn't give it up, any of it, for anything. I just glanced up to see a black shouldered kite hovering in the slate grey blue sky, quivering its wings frantically to hold itself in place as it held its prey in its gaze. Diving down. it swooped, but missed, then wheeled around, off to bed for the night, to make way for the owls and nightjars which will soon be out.

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