land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wet storms after cup day

Before cup day come the dry storms, then you get the bad fires. After cup day come the wet storms, the fires burn hot, but go out with the rain. This has proven true to the day for us. Fires were massacring Ethabuka, shooting flames up 100m in the air and turning forests to red dust. Then came Melbourne Cup day, the fires subsided, and everyone went home. The next big storm (all the fires have been started by lightning strikes), hit us fast and hard. We were so exhausted we couldn't even contemplate more fire, but true to form, this storm brought rain with it. The sky was ablaze with lightning, thuder roared and crackled, reclaiming this space as it's own. Living creatures crouched down and trembled, we watched transfixed. Well, Al watched, I have a problem with lightning, I am fascinated by it and can't look away, but am just ready to dodge it if it hits. I can't help it, but if I'm in the open I can't seem to keep my feet still and dart around like Golem. So the rain turned the dust to mud, put out the fires the lightning started and turned our roads to mush. If there is any more rain tonight we won't be able to get to the week long swim camp in town tomorrow, or anything else for a while either...hmm how much food do we have here?

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