land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

in search of fairies

The kids at school (age 6), have made a fairy club. They spend their lunchbreak searching through the flower beds for evidence of fairies. Sometimes they find the queens crown, sometimes her throne. They include anyone who wants to join in, and refer to a book on fairies to ensure the accuracy of their finds, just as we did with reptiles in the desert. Today after school we went to the garden to pick everything that we could find that is red for dinner. Asha discovered a ripe tomato with awe. She said in a half whisper, 'When is Elsie coming over? She has to see this?' I asked her what it was and she said 'it's just what we've been looking for. It's a certain fairies tomato, exactly the right shape, it's in my book!' I remember being six. I thought it was the best age in the world to be. I think I might still agree.

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