land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

a morning in Tasmania

Feeling very fortunate with my place in the world this morning, I travelled 2 minutes down the road to visit our new family day carer for the baby (now 18 months old). She is an amazing woman in a beautiful bush setting, who we are very lucky to have helping us care for Zavier. I then went around the corner to the inspiring property that is Paulette and Matts. Vegetables and flowers burst from the seams of this home and business from which they sell incredibly small but yummy flowers to the top chefs in Hobart. I stared around with a glazed look for a while, drooling a bit. Just as I was starting to think about moving into their greenhouses just so I could look at the flowers some more, she wheeled me out a full wheelbarrow load of fruit laden tomatoes to plant. Steering me carefully towards the gate, she pointed out the most enormous pumpkins I have ever seen, hiding in the massive green floating leaves. We loaded the plants into the boot, then I loaded my older kids into her house, where they were in heaven playing with their mates. I then drove down to my sister in laws, another minute away, and dropped off some boxes of books for her kids, from mine, and had a cup of tea. Picking up the kids on the way home, I arrived back at our house in time to send off a job application and then greet Bob Brown and partner Paul, who came to drop off work gear and have a cup of tea. It was a priviledge to talk to Bob and Paul about Tasmanias beauty and the Simpson deserts fire, and to hand them some freshly made apricot jam. Life is good.

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  1. It is pretty darn great here. Jams, pickles, mountains and beautiful friends! Life is good! xx