land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Sunday, 2 October 2011

blood on my boots

We had a good trip down to Ethabuka last week. We were a bit stressed about the bushfires and were heading down to the other property we look after to clean it up a bit in case the fire hit. Soon after we left our homestead 2 feral cats ran across the track in front of us. They didn't run much further! As they were shot with a camel gun, it was easy to see what was inside one of them, small lizards a bird and 2 rats. Thats all by 7:30 in the morning! It felt good protecting the thousands of native animals these cats and their offspring would have consumed in their lives. Two hours later we were nearing Ethabuka homestead when we spotted camel tracks, these soon led to 7 majestic beasts in the gidgee forest. It's always a bit sad getting rid of these proud creatures, but again, very good for our land. We also took the time to cut some meat out of them, massive slabs of backstrap were loaded onto the back of the ute. Karma got me later though as I was trimming off the plentiful fat from the meat, the knife slipped and I sliced my thumb to the bone. On reaching the Ethabuka house a rabbit ran out, soon to end his life also. Al picked up the rabbit and we talked about saving the meat, then we compared it to the massive slabs of camel in the back and realised it probably wasn't worth our while.

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