land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Sunday, 2 October 2011

a peaceful night camping...

At what point should you be concerned that dingoes are going to eat your babies? I'm not sure, but I was fighting sleep listening for them the other night as we were camping on the western side of the property. Zave was in a portacot, but I ended pulling him in to my swag with the excuse that he was cold, but I secretly didn't want anything to snatch him. Then I woke again later hearing a whoop whoop whoop, getting louder. What the hell? Theres no way it could have been a vehicle, was it a mad wind aproaching, a whirly whirly? We were camped on the outside edge of a big gorge that is engraved everywhere in petroglyphs which are ancient aboriginal rock carvings, caves and tool remains. We were going to stay closer to the gorge, but it didn't feel right. As we pulled up into it the day before after some mad 4WDing, a barn owl swooped up out of the rocks in front of us. We figured we should leave the spirits in peace and camped further down in an old creek bed. So was this noise from old Aboriginal spirits awakening. I actually remember thinking that this was more feasible than a vehicle out here. I sat bolt upright and bravely called out for Al to wake up. Sound asleep, he didn't stir. Finally, I realised the noise was moving beyond me, and craned my head up to the myriad of stars above, to see a tiny light flashing across the sky. God, its a plane! I felt like I was from 'The Gods must be crazy' movie. Still, it was just so silent there that the noise of the plane made this weird vacuum like whoop through the air. I woke up a bit bleary eyed the next morning...

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  1. You are having some amazing adventures, thank you so much for sharing them! We read them out loud and laugh, groan and sigh together. Camels, shattered cats, dingo fear, fire, so primal, the kids will come back some stories to tell!
    Athletics carnival here today, teddy race etc, and I have 20m of biological compost here to share when you get back, tomatoes are hardening off, should be able to plant some next week, I'll sort it with Beck if you like.
    Much love. xx