land of green trees

land of green trees
the desert no more...

Monday, 17 October 2011

lightning strkes and flat tyres

Al had just gotten back from a long stint at Ethabuka battling the fires when lightning again struck, this time at Cravens Peak where our homestead is. The storms were awesome, we both jumped out of bed at two in the morning at the lightning crack that sounded as if it was on our doorstep. Checking the internet the next morning, fires covered the properties surrounding us plus our own. It's all been on since then, trying to fit school in around the constant phone calls, radio calls, e-mails and internet checks has been mad, besides feeding extra people who have come to help. Luckily for us, (not for her) lovely Helen has been visiting. The kids and I picked her up last week. There was a dust storm blowing so luckily we decided to stay in town the night. The next day found us hours from anywhere when a tyre blew. Not just flat, but ripped to shreds. I managed to pull over in one piece but was a bit shaken. We found the jack, but nearly shed a few tears when a bolt snapped off the wheel. I tried to radio out but couldn't raise anyone. I had no satellite phone on me as they were in use for the fires. We hadn't seen a car. It was hot too, and all the kids were starting to whinge. A night in shining armour appeared in a fuel truck. I jumped in front of him and begged for help. Didn't take much luckily. Much to my feminist disgrace, he helped enormously, and told me I could drive without a wheel nut. More disgrace and potential disaster to come when the car fell off the jack, missing my head my millimetres. I started shaking a bit then! Finally we got back on the road and limped the couple of hours home. The fuel truck was incredibly coming to refuel our station (10000L of diesel), so I knew he'd come back through eventually which eased our minds a bit. Tail between my legs, we eventually arrived home to give him a carton of beer and much gratitude!

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